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Payday is today!

You have to buy this clip from your money mistress! It is pay day today and she will fuck out the money out of you! So down on your knees and listen to your mistress!


You are her moneyslave

Sexy Natalia wants your money! It’s payday for you and when you are here you have to be her human ashtray! So down on your knees and open your mouth for your sexy smoking mistress!

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Her moneyslave

Take a look at this horny girl Lisa! She doesn’t know what she should do with you! You have a really small penis and she doesn’t like a little dick! You are only able to be her moneyslave! So look at her great ass and give her your money!

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Become her moneyslave

Giantess Katelyn tells you today how you’ll be her money slave! She wants to have a lot of luxuries in her life and that will be very expensive! You have to pay all your money what you’ll earn in your business! She is showing you her belly and her sexy ass so your place will be under your mistress! What do you think about her! You wanna be her money slave?

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Russian moneymistress Melena

This is your sexy russian moneymistress Melena! She is a very sexy mistress and she knows how to get your money! You are her little paypig so she takes your credit card in the bag of her jeans! You little loser will have no more money because she takes it all! And when she finished you have to bring her more money! So come on and be a good payslave! Take a look at her sexy website! She loves to be licked by you no matter if you will lick her ass or her pussy! She humilates you and let you do some other things she like!

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Princess Jenny’s moneyslave

You are only a moneyslave for princess Jenny, but today she is sitting with her jeansass on your face! Today she humilates you like this and she tells you what she has bought with your money! So listen to her, little seat pad!

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Pay the tax for your little cock

Today your money mistress gave you a new tax to pay! For your little tiny cock! You have to download her clip again and again! Your cock is too small for her and so you have to pay! In her clip she tells you how much you have to pay and so you will know how often you have to buy her clip! Each centimeter will cost! So let’s go moneyslave!

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Hot sexy blond money mistress

This sexy blond moneymistress only talks to you because you give her most of your money. Why else would a sexy hot young blond girl talks to you little loser. Buy her everything she needs and your mistress will be very happy. If she is happy you are happy, too. Just look at this sexy girl you will never have!

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Mistress Carly milks you dry

Mistress Carly loves to sit on her sun chair while you are sitting in your little office and keep working to earn money all the time. But isn’t it worth of it? You are allowed to see this glorious princess. You are allowed to look and stare at her perfect body, her lon legs and her oh so cute feet…


Inside the moneyslavery scene you will often find that word: blackmail. And yes, it is what it’s supposed to be – blackmail – but in this case it’s used to offer one pearson an advantage while the other becomes addicted! Blackmailing isn’t allowed (nearly everywhere), since personal information are used to keep someone under pressure and that’s a criminal activity. If we talk about blackmailing in the moneyslavery context it means that the slave will send his Mistress information about him. Those can be things like personal pictures especially humiliating ones, infos about his girlfriend if he has got one (her e-mail adress, her cell phone number or also pictures), infos about his friends and nearly anything that could damage his esteem in anyway – or, to get it to the point, to make him do something he normally would think twice about. The interesting fact is that the slaves are willing to be owned by choice. Once those Mistresses have what they need, they start their game. They make him pay tributes, or send further details to make it impossible for him to escape. Kept in that way they have some kind of forced duty to adduce. If they disobey or do not what they are told to do, the Mistress could call his girlfriend and tell her what her friend does and cancel their relationship indirectly.

Blackmailing is an interesting game, but I need to tell you that it is not real. No Mistress could ever force a slave to do something he doesn’t likes. If he refuses her and she would anyway try to force him to do something, he could report that to the police. In the baddest case his renown will take a massive damage that could end up in a divorce or a lost job. The police will not return you one of that! So keep in mind that it always could and very dirty. But if you know someone you can trust and if she would never really abuse her power, blackmailing could be a vast thrill and end up in the orgasm of your life!

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