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Mistress Nivia is in charge

Lady Nivia ls lying on the sofa as she tells you what she has done to you. She has brainwashed and hypnotized you. Do you feel that deep desire to please this wonderful Mistress? Well that’s all because of her brainwashing. You belong to her and there is nothing you can do against it. Mistress Nivia will be in charge and control you whenever and however she wants.

What once has been yours is hers now

You are such an idiot. You have given ALL your money, just every single cent to Princess Jenny to make her take off her shoes and let her give you a look at her bare feet! You are not even allowed to touch them and you are also not allowed to be released! Your dick is bigger than ever before and the disire to jerk off grows and drives you crazy. It seems to be a victory for your Mistress.

Lady Anja and her boot slave

Gorgeous brunette Lady Anja makes her slave knee in front of her as she commands him to lick the dirt off her boots. She nearly ignores him as he does what he is ordered to do.

Elektra King

This slideshow shows Mistress Elektra King, a very beautiful and intelligent german Moneymistress. She loves taking your money and rapes your wallet until nothing is left over. Once you have become her toy, you will not be able to resist her anymore.

A little history

Moneyslavery is very popular and its still growing. It’s one of the phenomenons of the Internet. It is an abstracted way of punishment.

  • Slaves are made to pay money,
  • without money they lose freedom – because money is freedom in a world where you need money to take part on the normal l ife.
  • And being unable to pay something you are unable to do something.
  • The fact is that you are not as free as you are when you have some money.
  • And being not free is also some kind of sacrifice and that hurts.

So we can say: Moneyslavery is modern, remote SM. It has also been a question of time when someone would get as far to pay to feel that pain. The dangerous thing about moneyslavery is that it can make you become addicted rapidly fast. After paying some Mistresses you will get used to the fact that you need to do something to be not ignored and / or to receive sexual pleasure such as the permission to jerk off. But why do the people do that and why won’t they just visit a domina? That’s because many of them build tight relationships to their Moneymistresses. It is also much easier to talk via internet. Everyone can speak about his own desire and needs. It is much easier that way than talking to someone and looking into his eyes. Moneyslavery and Financial Domination has become a huge subculture which is still growing! It has never been easier for a woman to make money with less affort than today.


Many Moneydoms and Mistresses prefer to use Teamviewer while they chat with slaves. But why? And what is “Teamviewer”?

Teamviewer is actually a very common software which is used to observated especially support people via remote. That means two people need to run teamviewer first – you can get here ( Next it needs to be known who will be the client and who is the server. For Example you think about granting your Mistress a full access to your computer then your role will be the server and the Mistress joins yuor computer as client. After starting the software you get two Numbers: an ID and a password. Next you simply need to give both to your Mistress. She will also start the program and then she uses your information to gain access to your computer. She can now see your whole desktop even locking your keyboard and mouse away and forcing you to be unable to do anything. And exactly that is what it makes so interesting to many slaves. Its like virtual bondage. Once she is on your computer she could read your E-Mails, delete pictures and other files, download them to get more information about you or even kill you rcomputer (it’s also a bit dangerous and shouldn’t be practiced with someone you don’t know).

Some Mistresses use this method to milk their slaves. Since they know that they are alsways loggind in ad, they just call the site on their browser and send gift cards to themselves. The slave isn’t able to do anything – his input devices such as keyboard and mouse are locked away either or he is told to keep his hands away.

Just imagine your cursor will move over your screen, controlled by your Mistress and doing things you can’t predict…

Teamviewer can be a nice thing for both but it could also end up in tears.

Mistress Lindsey

Mistress Lindsey is 20 years old and a really demanding young mistress. In this clip she tells you how sick and pathetic you are ans makes you gaze at her wonderful soles as she slowly begins to brainwash you to turn you into a useful moneypig.

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