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Cash Point Meet with Amanda Rey

Today you have a cash point meet with Mistress Amanda Rey!

Shes waiting in her car for you – then she opens the door and you have to pay CASH!

She allows you to worship her feet, high heels and her sexy ass in tight jeans for a moment – then shes drives away!

That is what you like – right?!

Cash Point Meet With AMANDA REY

Taking everything from you

“What? This is all you give me you stupid little bitch? Where is the rest of my money? Did your fucking girlfriend spent it? Should I call her and ask? Now??? Well then I think you supposed to kneel first. Good puppy, next hand over your wallet. What did you say, you need to pay bills? Hahaha – is that my problem or just yours? So shut up and thank me to be allowed to suck my heels while I take everything you have got. I would love to see your wifes face when you tell her that you have “lost” your money hahaha. I’m so excited about what you will tell her!

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