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You are her moneyslave

Sexy Natalia wants your money! It’s payday for you and when you are here you have to be her human ashtray! So down on your knees and open your mouth for your sexy smoking mistress!

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It’s payday

Amyleen Moore wants your money today because it’s your payday! You have work very hard for your money and she drives with you to a store to by 2 or 3 sexy outfit! You have to stay in her car because she doesn’t want that anybody see her with a little loser like you! You only have to give the money!

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Moneymistress Sarah

Lady Sarah can’t get enough and so she wants more moneyslaves! She needs more luxury and you’ll have to pay for it! And you have to pay now and regularly! So where is your money, little loser?

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Moneymistress princess Fierce

Sexy Princess Fierce is in your mind and she wants you to be her moneyslave. You have to pay everything for her. You earn nothing because all your money you have to give to her! Sexy Princess Fierce knows that you adore her and her sexy body and so she can order everything to you!

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