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Mistress Carly milks you dry

Mistress Carly loves to sit on her sun chair while you are sitting in your little office and keep working to earn money all the time. But isn’t it worth of it? You are allowed to see this glorious princess. You are allowed to look and stare at her perfect body, her lon legs and her oh so cute feet…

Reduced to a doormat

Mistress Weronika has just reduced her (once) husband to her personal doormat. Now his only duty is it to keep his mistress feet and soles warm using his face. After a long time all he can think about is warming up her feet and that is just because she implanted some bad triggers in his minds using hypnotic techniques. That’s what I call a badd career: From a husband to a slave lower to a doormat…

What once has been yours is hers now

You are such an idiot. You have given ALL your money, just every single cent to Princess Jenny to make her take off her shoes and let her give you a look at her bare feet! You are not even allowed to touch them and you are also not allowed to be released! Your dick is bigger than ever before and the disire to jerk off grows and drives you crazy. It seems to be a victory for your Mistress.

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