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Taking your money

Mistress Juely loves to tease you with her sexy body. She is lying on her bed as she moves her nice body slowly and very eroticaly! She makes you melt and teases you until you are willing to offer her anything the wants and deserves. This is what I call a real princess.

A little history

Moneyslavery is very popular and its still growing. It’s one of the phenomenons of the Internet. It is an abstracted way of punishment.

  • Slaves are made to pay money,
  • without money they lose freedom – because money is freedom in a world where you need money to take part on the normal l ife.
  • And being unable to pay something you are unable to do something.
  • The fact is that you are not as free as you are when you have some money.
  • And being not free is also some kind of sacrifice and that hurts.

So we can say: Moneyslavery is modern, remote SM. It has also been a question of time when someone would get as far to pay to feel that pain. The dangerous thing about moneyslavery is that it can make you become addicted rapidly fast. After paying some Mistresses you will get used to the fact that you need to do something to be not ignored and / or to receive sexual pleasure such as the permission to jerk off. But why do the people do that and why won’t they just visit a domina? That’s because many of them build tight relationships to their Moneymistresses. It is also much easier to talk via internet. Everyone can speak about his own desire and needs. It is much easier that way than talking to someone and looking into his eyes. Moneyslavery and Financial Domination has become a huge subculture which is still growing! It has never been easier for a woman to make money with less affort than today.

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