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Doctor Findom

You have long understood that you as a Moneyslave absolutely need help. Help from a doctor. Don’t you?

Doctor Findom is already waiting for you and will examine you thoroughly!

Maybe she can help you directly with her medicine.

She has her consultation hour right now – are you ready?

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You are her human atm

For Mistress Felicitas you are a human atm – a living cash machine and paypig.

Give her all your money – you know that you love to pay – so do it!

Be her human atm – NOW!

You are her moneyslave

Sexy Jade only wants your money! She allows you to watch her feet! Jade shows you her feet with your money! Adore her sexy feet, little paypig!

Your cash tribute

This sexy mistress Amyleen makes you so horny in her sexy lingerie! Today you have to give her your money! And if you have more just send her your cash tribute!

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Russian moneymistress Melena

This is your sexy russian moneymistress Melena! She is a very sexy mistress and she knows how to get your money! You are her little paypig so she takes your credit card in the bag of her jeans! You little loser will have no more money because she takes it all! And when she finished you have to bring her more money! So come on and be a good payslave! Take a look at her sexy website! She loves to be licked by you no matter if you will lick her ass or her pussy! She humilates you and let you do some other things she like!

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You are her paypig

This sexy german money mistress Saskia has bought new cigarettes with your money! And now you have to be her ashtray! She will tell you what she will do with your money! A little bit shopping or something else! Open your mouth, moneyslave!

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Moneymistress princess Fierce

Sexy Princess Fierce is in your mind and she wants you to be her moneyslave. You have to pay everything for her. You earn nothing because all your money you have to give to her! Sexy Princess Fierce knows that you adore her and her sexy body and so she can order everything to you!

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No money – no attention

This blond money mistress wants to know if you have started to wor yor 2nd and 3rd job. She needs more money and you have to earn more money to give it to her! You are her moneyslave, her paypig and her piggy bank. If you have no money you will never see her again. For a loser there is no attention!

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Merciless Mercedes

Mistress Mercedes really made you hand over your complete month income just to receive her spit in return! She laughs her ass off as she bows over you and forces you to open up your pathetic mouth. Next she lets her saliva run out of it and commands you to swallow it all for her…

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