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Moneymistress princess Fierce

Sexy Princess Fierce is in your mind and she wants you to be her moneyslave. You have to pay everything for her. You earn nothing because all your money you have to give to her! Sexy Princess Fierce knows that you adore her and her sexy body and so she can order everything to you!

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Princess Lily Anna

She is blonde, has blue eyes and she wants your money. Princess Lily Anna is one of the most famoust moneydoms world wide. She’s not that kind of girl that needs to expose herself to get some slaves to spoil her – this cute princess gets the money she deserves with or without you. She offers many clips and pictures on her store at – that’s what I was talking about, she doesn’t offers “free previews” of herself to make you become addicted, as you enter her page for the first time she has already won – I mean, who could decline any wish of this perfect young and sexy mistress? “All you are good for is money” – that’s what she says and thinks.

Princess Lily Anna

What once has been yours is hers now

You are such an idiot. You have given ALL your money, just every single cent to Princess Jenny to make her take off her shoes and let her give you a look at her bare feet! You are not even allowed to touch them and you are also not allowed to be released! Your dick is bigger than ever before and the disire to jerk off grows and drives you crazy. It seems to be a victory for your Mistress.

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