What is moneyslavery and what is it all about?
Well as you hear its about Money and Slavery. The SM-scene has extended itself rapidly – not at last
because of the internet. What has been very difficult in early days is very easy toda: Interest-Groups are created through forums, and people are able to share their fetishes selective with others in a more efficient way than in reality.
So you can say that the internet has helped a lot to improve the growing of the fetish culture. But there is one negative point: It all happens just on the computer. Of course many people are planing meetings – so a domina meets her slave, and a footfetishist meets a woman that allows him to worship her feet for a tip – but this is often not easy.
Well this is the pont where the common moneyslavery is born. The moneydomme is causing pain to the slave – or better: to his money. By taking away his money, she takes his freedom. Maybe he has got some kind of a hobby which takes a monthly amount, and the mistress is just taking this amount away. The aftermath for the slave are not similar to those of a simple domina-studio-visit, they reach into his social and private life! The main target of any slave is it to make his mistress happy – and to disclaim on his needs. I liked the combination of forced chastity moneyslaves very much.

Those poor guys were teased by my feet but I denied them to touch themselves. Another phenomenom is the combination of footfetish and moneyslavery. Nearly every moneyslaves do have a distinctive footfetish to extend their adoration for their mistresses by admire their feet.