Well first of all you should be self-conscious about your fetish. Do you love it to send presents or gifts to a woman just to disclaim on something for her? Are you also ready to stay chastity for your mistress?
The last question is very important since many slaves are just able to think as far as their little piggytails are ‘long’ – and we all know how short they can be. But if the will to serve should be greater then there is a needfull relationship for both. In every way you shouldn’t express wishes to your mistress. The moneyslavery is often known as one of the highest forms of sm – because there is no consideration. Inside a domina-studio, you get the amount you payed back in form of pain. But in this case you get something you cannot touch – its the feeling of attrition. The feeling of loosing a nice evening with friends, beer and football just for a amused smile or the short look on the mistress’ feet.
The most moneydoms also made their experiences with fakes. Those guys are people who are willing to do everything for the current kick – but just in fact as long as the didn’t cum. After they did, they change completely!
There are two persons inside such a slave: One is the slave that would like to do nearly everything for his mistress, the other one is the common-sense-guy. Only one person is available in one time. The other is faded out. Brash slaves or those who alway tell a mistress what kind of scenario they love to experience are often a warning for wishlist-slaves. Those “half-slaves” are just looking for the completion of their head-scenarios but if the mistress departures from it,
they become unhappy.