…what else would be more interesting for a moneydom than making you give more money than you actually do? Nothing! And that’s why so many ladies figure out so many new and different ways to get what they want. Since they know about your weakness and pathetic desires, they have leraned to control you with them. So it is clear that many girls are using and practicing techniques like “brainwashing” and “hypnotizing” to their slaves to make them give more money. The do that by using the most dangerous weakness of the slave – for Example let us have a basic scenario: One girl knows that you are totally into feet and you would do anything to see and touch them. She knows that you are thinking about her soft toes and soles all the time – and so its near for her to use her feet to brainwash you! She might show you her feet through the webcam and while you are watching them, she tells you over and over what you are there for and why you get the privileg to watch her feet. And then, anytime you will definitely have her words in your head as you think about her feet. You will know that you will always have to please her (verisimilar in a financial way) to see her feet again. She will raise the price from session to session and anchor her words deeper and deeper until she removes her feet from the screen and has you paying without even seeing them. Its just an Example – but Im quiet sure many ladies are doing it like that. Its all about more control and well – your ruin.

Sample Videos:

Lisa Jordan