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Many Moneydoms and Mistresses prefer to use Teamviewer while they chat with slaves. But why? And what is “Teamviewer”?

Teamviewer is actually a very common software which is used to observated especially support people via remote. That means two people need to run teamviewer first – you can get here ( Next it needs to be known who will be the client and who is the server. For Example you think about granting your Mistress a full access to your computer then your role will be the server and the Mistress joins yuor computer as client. After starting the software you get two Numbers: an ID and a password. Next you simply need to give both to your Mistress. She will also start the program and then she uses your information to gain access to your computer. She can now see your whole desktop even locking your keyboard and mouse away and forcing you to be unable to do anything. And exactly that is what it makes so interesting to many slaves. Its like virtual bondage. Once she is on your computer she could read your E-Mails, delete pictures and other files, download them to get more information about you or even kill you rcomputer (it’s also a bit dangerous and shouldn’t be practiced with someone you don’t know).

Some Mistresses use this method to milk their slaves. Since they know that they are alsways loggind in ad, they just call the site on their browser and send gift cards to themselves. The slave isn’t able to do anything – his input devices such as keyboard and mouse are locked away either or he is told to keep his hands away.

Just imagine your cursor will move over your screen, controlled by your Mistress and doing things you can’t predict…

Teamviewer can be a nice thing for both but it could also end up in tears.

Mistress Farina calls your wife

Mistress Farina is the most cruel Mistress I have actually ever seen. In this clip she talks to you as her slave and she is not happy with your tributes. While you promise her to pay more she takes out her mobile phone and calls your wife! She tells her that you are kneeling in front of her willing to do anything and that you pay tributes to her and will continue doing that because you belong to her…

Mistress Lindsey

Mistress Lindsey is 20 years old and a really demanding young mistress. In this clip she tells you how sick and pathetic you are ans makes you gaze at her wonderful soles as she slowly begins to brainwash you to turn you into a useful moneypig.

Hypnotizements and brainwashing

…what else would be more interesting for a moneydom than making you give more money than you actually do? Nothing! And that’s why so many ladies figure out so many new and different ways to get what they want. Since they know about your weakness and pathetic desires, they have leraned to control you with them. So it is clear that many girls are using and practicing techniques like “brainwashing” and “hypnotizing” to their slaves to make them give more money. The do that by using the most dangerous weakness of the slave – for Example let us have a basic scenario: One girl knows that you are totally into feet and you would do anything to see and touch them. She knows that you are thinking about her soft toes and soles all the time – and so its near for her to use her feet to brainwash you! She might show you her feet through the webcam and while you are watching them, she tells you over and over what you are there for and why you get the privileg to watch her feet. And then, anytime you will definitely have her words in your head as you think about her feet. You will know that you will always have to please her (verisimilar in a financial way) to see her feet again. She will raise the price from session to session and anchor her words deeper and deeper until she removes her feet from the screen and has you paying without even seeing them. Its just an Example – but Im quiet sure many ladies are doing it like that. Its all about more control and well – your ruin.

Sample Videos:

Lisa Jordan


Cash Money Girls – Financial Domination

This german page contains everything a true paypig apreciates: Sexy young and cute woman, taking and raping your wallet and humiliating you for beeing such a pathetic wimp. That’s what I wanted, so I joined the page for just 17,99 ¬ (per month, recurring). This might be the best point to remind you that this is a german page, with german content – anyway I seem to understand what the girls want – the bodylanguage and gesticulation is clear. The memberssection is divided into two main areas. The first one is sorted by galleries and the second one contains all the Moneydoms sorted by their name.

The most Sets are containing several galeries and at least one clip. The pictures are really high resoluted (900x1200px) and the clips are offered in high definition. The girls are having a lot of fun and there are many different scenarios where you can see them taking your money. Each set is takein in POV – you get the impression of beeing the slave, and the girl is talking to you all the time. One girl takes your credit card, and likes to sit on your face as she goes shopping through the internet, the other one wants you to lick her boots clean while you are handing over your wallet to her…

It’s a real interesting site which achieves my conceivabilities and gets really close to my deepest wishes.

Click here for the CASH MONEY GIRLS.

Its getting harder

To many slaves the paying, and the taking of arrears isn’t enough.
In those cases the words “borrower’s note”, “contract” or “blackmailing” appear. The borrower’s note is an official form which binds the slave to a monthly payment. Many mistresses think that they simply can write something in word, send it to their slave and bind him – but thats a fail-guess because most of those “Contracts” are not judicial correct.
There are many original borrower’s notes available – but a real one always requires mistress and slaves full name, adress and birthday and of course a signature. Since the anonymity is getting lost in this case, you have to take care.
My tip: No contracts before knowing your slave less than 1 month.
Blackmailing is the other level. The slave fills out a form where he tells everything about him and his family, friends and co-workers – mostly also a secret, to make himself vulnerable and blackmail-able. Blackmailing is forbidden and I advise caution! Many slaves do not know what they are doing while they fill out those forms in a sexual-flush.

And after they did it, they are the most unhappy people on earth. And as I said, its accusable and criminal. No matter what slave asks you for it, I recommend you not to accede.

What should moneyslaves take care of

Well first of all you should be self-conscious about your fetish. Do you love it to send presents or gifts to a woman just to disclaim on something for her? Are you also ready to stay chastity for your mistress?
The last question is very important since many slaves are just able to think as far as their little piggytails are ‘long’ – and we all know how short they can be. But if the will to serve should be greater then there is a needfull relationship for both. In every way you shouldn’t express wishes to your mistress. The moneyslavery is often known as one of the highest forms of sm – because there is no consideration. Inside a domina-studio, you get the amount you payed back in form of pain. But in this case you get something you cannot touch – its the feeling of attrition. The feeling of loosing a nice evening with friends, beer and football just for a amused smile or the short look on the mistress’ feet.
The most moneydoms also made their experiences with fakes. Those guys are people who are willing to do everything for the current kick – but just in fact as long as the didn’t cum. After they did, they change completely!
There are two persons inside such a slave: One is the slave that would like to do nearly everything for his mistress, the other one is the common-sense-guy. Only one person is available in one time. The other is faded out. Brash slaves or those who alway tell a mistress what kind of scenario they love to experience are often a warning for wishlist-slaves. Those “half-slaves” are just looking for the completion of their head-scenarios but if the mistress departures from it,
they become unhappy.

About Moneyslavery

What is moneyslavery and what is it all about?
Well as you hear its about Money and Slavery. The SM-scene has extended itself rapidly – not at last
because of the internet. What has been very difficult in early days is very easy toda: Interest-Groups are created through forums, and people are able to share their fetishes selective with others in a more efficient way than in reality.
So you can say that the internet has helped a lot to improve the growing of the fetish culture. But there is one negative point: It all happens just on the computer. Of course many people are planing meetings – so a domina meets her slave, and a footfetishist meets a woman that allows him to worship her feet for a tip – but this is often not easy.
Well this is the pont where the common moneyslavery is born. The moneydomme is causing pain to the slave – or better: to his money. By taking away his money, she takes his freedom. Maybe he has got some kind of a hobby which takes a monthly amount, and the mistress is just taking this amount away. The aftermath for the slave are not similar to those of a simple domina-studio-visit, they reach into his social and private life! The main target of any slave is it to make his mistress happy – and to disclaim on his needs. I liked the combination of forced chastity moneyslaves very much.

Those poor guys were teased by my feet but I denied them to touch themselves. Another phenomenom is the combination of footfetish and moneyslavery. Nearly every moneyslaves do have a distinctive footfetish to extend their adoration for their mistresses by admire their feet.

Money Slave Blog

Hello and welcome to

The following Pages consist my personal moneyslavery experiences – which is a new and interesting sm-culture.
I explored the moneyslavery-world very intensive and i like to share my experiences with you – first of all I would like to inform becoming moneydommes and also moneyslaves.
To the Ladies – I wish you a nice time, enjoy my informations – and to all those footsucking slaves 🙂 – have a nice lesson *gg*…

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